Students' Activity at Jean Monet House

In the morning, the students were placed in 9 groups of 7 students and a teacher. Each group worked on a specific right, with the help of documents provided by the organisers (movement and travel, healthcare, consumer rights, gender equality, etc), they put together a poster. In a second place, they had to present it to the rest of the group in an original way (eg : like a musical, or an opera, etc)

- In the afternoon the students visited the House of Jean Monnet, which has become a museum telling the story of this founder of the EEC that was to become the EU.

- Another activity was organised : a culture fair in which the students held a stand to present their culture to the others. They had brought items that typically represented their culture (food, videos, posters, objects, etc). The students went from stand to stand and interacted in English, asking each others questions, tasting food.