ME- Robotics Workshop Valencia SPAIN
A robotic competition is an event where robots have to accomplish a task. Developing Digital competences at school. Connecting school with the real life and the enterprise system.They usually have to beat other robots in order to become the best one. Also, racing competition, where small-scale robots race against other robots to the finish line, without any human guidance or control. A drag race and a circuit race event, where the vehicles navigate around obstacles and obey the traffic rules.
Most competitions are for schools but several professional competitions are arising. It is a demonstration of the abilities of modern robotics.


Multiplier Event Rize Turkey

Power Learning and Teaching tools of the 21st century

During this workshop following the 21st century education conference, Catagozed 2.0 web tools and their aims and pedagogical teaching and learning aspects were introduced to students and the teachers and the guests invited fron other educational institutions. Then in a hands on sessions the participants tried tthe tools and created their own products and feedback about the tools in discussion session. The tools were divided into some specific catagories like, tools for ;

- Finding information

- Creating online source libraries

- Content creation

- Creativity

- Collaboration

- Communication

Photos From Multiplier Event Rize Turkey